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Drawing upon years of experience treating the whole body, Irena Liu knows that when you not only look your best but also feel your best, it vitalizes all areas of your life. With that goal in mind, Monet Aesthetics was created, a multi-disciplinary practice dedicated to the cosmetic and health concerns of Monet patients. Located in the heart of Burnaby Metrotown area.

Irena Liu, is the clinic manager who majored in western medicine, Chinese medicine and received her doctor’s License in China. “I want to look beautiful but I’m tired of the standard of beauty, that forces everyone to look a certain way; I value individualism hence I want everyone to embrace their differences.” – Irena Liu

Dr. Nina He is a skilled aesthetic practitioner with a keen interest in cosmetics and wellness based practice. She strives to help every individual feel their best, creating positive changes so that every person can achieve their goals and dreams. She has a thirst for knowledge and continues to pursue educational programs in order to provide the best practice in facial rejuvenation including Botox and fillers.

A graduate of the prestigious University of British Columbia, Dr. He holds a degree in Medicine which she completed in 2013. She went on to complete two years in the Queen’s general surgery program, as well as family medicine at the University of Alberta. She became a certified cosmetics injector in 2017 and now practices both in Vancouver and in rural emergency departments.

At Monet Aesthetics, we believe that beauty is different as you age and we should embrace the differences like a Monet painting. in a new way rather than everyone looking the same. We want everyone to define themselves, we care about your wellness inside as well as out.

We were founded with a goal to provide the absolute best in aesthetic patient care. Our dedicated staff at Monet Aesthetic Clinic work with each of our clients to find the best possible solution to any concerns they have about their face and body.

We provide our treatments in a very relaxing atmosphere so that you continually feel comfortable before, during and after your treatment. Our invasive treatment options only enhance the calming atmosphere we always strive to create.

We understand the connection between cosmetic appearance and personal self-esteem. It is our desire to find the perfect balance for your body, so that you can take pride in your appearance.

At Monet Aesthetic Clinic, we focus on the client’s entire destination, where we connect with the client and have a full discussion about their face and body. We then create a bespoke treatment plan based on the budget and timeframe. No concern is too little or large, and we not only wish to improve your appearance, but we also want to provide you treatment in a way that suits your natural body contours.

Our true mission is establishing clients for life, offering superior and consistent outcomes throughout all of our treatment processes. We are a believer in #TheNewNatural, which simply defines our treatments not as altering or vanity, but as a complementary solution with good natural results. Our staff has combined decades of experience in the aesthetic clinic industry, and are certified professionals who hold advanced certifications. The procedures offered at Monet Aesthetic Clinic are demoed, well-researched, and proven to deliver wonderful results. We ensure optimal comfort for our clients in a relaxed and beautiful setting.