LPG Face and Body Contouring

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LPG face contouring

For that quick, effective but painless way to target and tackle facial fat, the LPG face contouring treatment is just the thing.

It is a non-invasive method of facial slimming and facial skin firmness, which triggers the production of collagen, elastin, etc.

This procedure is handled by a licensed professional, via an LPG massage.

We ensure results as quickly as after the first treatment.

It is 100% safe and highly effective.

LPG body contouring

Targeting trouble areas to dispel unwanted fat, the LPG body contouring service, also triggers a fat release throughout the whole body, to ensure that the broken down unwanted fat is effectively removed from the body’s circulation.

First, the trouble areas are tackled, then the whole body is also made to undergo the same process.

This treatment is also highly effective for the tightening, firming, lifting of the general body.